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In the past, businesses and public places were the only places that employed CCTV cameras. However, as advancements in technology have made surveillance systems easier to install and more cost-effective, they are now utilized in homes across the UK. There may be as many as 5.2 million CCTV cameras in the UK, according to research.

One of the greatest advantages of installing home CCTV cameras is that they enable you to keep an eye on your property around the clock and help notify you of any unforeseen activity. There are, however, additional advantages that you may not have considered.

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    The top advantages of home CCTV cameras are as follows:

    Reduced Insurance Premiums:

    Although monetary gain may not be your primary concern, it is something to keep in mind that may make the installation of a home security camera system more appealing.

    Insurance for homeowners is a must if you own a home. What is covered, how you pay, where you live, the insurance company you choose, and the kind of house you own all affect how much you pay for insurance. Because the security of your property can also have an effect on your policy, you can reduce the likelihood of your home being broken into or vandalized and the likelihood of filing a claim by making your property more secure. This will allow your insurer to lower the overall cost of your policy.

    Visual Deterrent

    A potential intruder who sees CCTV cameras may decide that it is safer to leave the area rather than risk being caught, in the same way that an installed alarm system does. Preventing an intrusion is much better and simpler than dealing with it after it has occurred.

    When it comes to planned crimes, CCTV can be a deterrent for criminals. Because thieves are less likely to target your home, you can feel more confident that it will be safe.

    Signs should be used to make sure intruders stay away from your CCTV cameras if you want to further discourage criminals. Find out more about the ways that CCTV cameras deter criminals.

    Monitor your home even when you aren't there

    You can install CCTV cameras all around your home to cover any blind spots or areas that are completely hidden from view. You can check on your home while remaining safe inside if you are at home and hear an unusual noise or disturbance.

    You can monitor your home while you are away or at work. Some systems will notify you if they detect any movement, allowing you to call your neighbors or the police to check it on your behalf.

    Using CCTV to identify visitors before answering the door is yet another useful application. You can see who it is without going to the door, for instance, if someone knocks on your door late at night. This is especially helpful for elderly people and other vulnerable individuals.

    Assistance in Identifying Criminals:

    Despite its ability to deter criminals, CCTV is not an all-encompassing prevention tool. if, for some reason, an intruder gets into your house. Criminals can be identified and prosecuted with the assistance of CCTV. CCTV footage can be provided to the police to assist in locating and identifying the perpetrators in the event that criminal activity takes place in the areas covered by your cameras.


    Once installed, you can rely on the cameras to keep an eye on your house for years to come. A CCTV system is cost-effective to operate, with the exception of the initial costs. They may require periodic cleaning and inspection by a professional team.

    Installation of CCTV is now affordable and available in a variety of styles thanks to technological advancements.

    Reassurance and Peace of Mind

    In high-crime areas, installing a camera system in your home can give you additional assurance and peace of mind that your property is safer.

    You can view and monitor footage with your smartphone or tablet on many recent models. This means that your home security is always within reach and that you can check in on it with the click of a button.

    You can rest easy knowing that your house is always watched and that a camera is set up to catch any potential intruders. This will help you relax at home as well as when you are working or on vacation.

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    The rules for having home CCTV

    In spite of the fact that your CCTV cameras can greatly deter potential burglars, in the event of an emergency, you must ensure that the event is captured in a manner that can be used as evidence by the police. Your video must be of high quality and resolution. Make sure you are not compromising on the quality.
    Additionally, businesses and private individuals alike are subject to the GDPR. It is necessary to configure your home surveillance cameras to exclude particular areas.

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